Meowface Music eXperience

"Making Musicianship Accessible"

🗓️ 2023 MMX Events Calendar


Mini MMX Event. Saturday Nov 4th

Be there or be square. Come get a free, 5-minute, quiet, chill drum lesson. Find me amongst the vendors at the Atascadero Holiday Boutique at the lake park November 4, 10:00-3:00, though I'll likely stay longer. Look for cool kittycat logo ;)


Mini MMX Event. Fri, Sat, Sun Nov 17th, 18th, & 19th

Come get a free, 5-minute, quiet, chill drum lesson amongst my fellow vendors at the jammin' Atascadero Fall Fest. Fri, Sat, Sun the weekend of the 17th. Don't not be there.


Past Events:

MMX Event. June 23rd, 24th, 25th. Come to the Live Oak Music Festival, and see my show at 12:30 on the kids' stage!


What is the MMX?

The Meowface Music eXperience is an interactive, drumming/music workshop. Kiddos to adults! Come learn how to hold a drumstick, and then we're gunna jam! Pro musicians, music students, non-musicians. I've got a challenge for anyone and everyone ; )

Invite me to host an MMX at your event, party, festival, whatever. Let's do it.

Don't not text me. Sx.On.Nin 🐈 Sevn.Z.Eiht 🐈 Nin.Thre.Tw.On! Kick off your text with "MMX" so I know it's you ;)

Invite me to your city. I'm takin' this thing on the road!