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Meowface Music Experience

"What's the Meowface Music Experience?" 

In short, I come to you hauling a trailer packed with percussion instruments, and we jam!

In long, the "Meowface Music Experience" (MMX) will be a touring "participatory show" where you and your friends will be enthusiastically welcomed into an impromptu percussion ensemble comprised of all your town's fellow fun-loving music-lovers for two hours of us all making music together, everyone synchronistically percussing with satisfying mallets upon awesome-sounding percussion instruments I will have built myself in my woodshop.

If you have the thought in your head, "But I'm no good at music," please do away this notion forever; you simply have not encountered a good music·teacher. ALL will be invited; everyone from uncoordinated toddlers to master drummers. 

The working-idea is the ensemble will be partitioned into four independent "tribes" of varying skill-levels. Based on your results from an online rhythm·assessent--drumming with your fingers on your device--you will be assigned to one of four tribes:

- Tribe #1...master percussionists using hard mallets

- Tribe #2...intermediate musicians using medium-hard mallets

- Tribe #3...beginner musicians using soft mallets

- Tribe #4...The members of this tribe will be playing non-rhythmic, textural instruments like ocean drums, rain sticks, rub-rods, etc.

With the ensemble partitioned by skill-level, this guarantees everyone will feel comfortable and satisfied; not overwhelmed nor underwhelmed 😉

Afterparty involving a dance-floor bumping my album(s), an entire merch store, public business-card table, and maybe a box of kittens that can be adopted. 😺

At the end of the day, the MMX will be a moment in time where you will bond with your kid, meet your new love, network with your new friend, and discover all the music teachers in your hometown. Group icebreakers, teamwork in "tribes", mic-passing, musical synchronization, the works!!

"Come be a musician for the day."

"Socializing/bonding via music."

"Connecting through music."