The MMX in its current infancy ↓


Meowface Music eXperience

Wanna know when it's ready?


The MMX. 

What will it be?

Come have fun! Be a percussionist for a day. Play drums and marimbas, and experience the magic of what musicians feel. Evoke the natural beat within. Bond with your friends and neighbors, and maybe make new friends! A two-hour, musical event! Lose yourself within the rhythm. Come away with a lasting memory!

Simple! I teach; you learn; we jam! Learning through play. Professional drummers to first-timers. Advanced percussionists, grandparents, infants. There's a spot for EVERYONE-everyone!! No one will be overwhelmed nor underwhelmed.

NOT a "drum circle." Confidently gripping sticks and mallets we will smash powerful drums and lushly resonant, massive, bass xylophones, marimbas, and vibraphones. Don't worry! There's no possible way you can hit a wrong note. I've got that taken care of ;) Been training percussionists for a million years; teaching credential and all (CA, Single-Subject in Music). 

After our vitalizing and bonding rock-out session, you can stick around and continue connecting and mingling, including with your local music teachers AND play with kittens!!  =^.^= 

Don't not come!! The Meowface Music Experience. The MMX. It'll definitely be the beginning of the rest of your life 😉 

P.S. I'm down to hear all about your excitement/thoughts/ideas/critiques. Write to me. Of course, also simple encouragement is encouraging ; )

- Wanna know when the MMX is ready?