"How should I listen to Meowface?"

Headphones.....Eyes Closed
In contrast to listening to music with lyrics, absorbing yourself into the neutral aesthetic of instrumental music provides a unique space for your mind to wander, often styling new thoughts and evoking forgotten memories. Yes, the Meowface album is great to listen to while cleaning the kitchen or studying, but the ultimate, intended experience  for this intricately layered music is to lay back with your quality headphones, close your eyes (eliminating the distraction of looking at stuff), relax each muscle (especially in the face), and let your thoughts freely explore for the full 38 minutes inside this fun and curious space. 

Big Headphones (fully over your ears)
This album is designed to be listened to in "isolated stereo." "Isolated" means the headphones cover your ears with no outside sounds getting in. "Stereo" means each ear hears separate sounds. The specific mixing design for Meowface is exclusively LCR (Left, Center, Right) which means there's separate stuff going on only in the left ear, both ears (perceived in the center), and the right ear. (If you were listening to only one of the two headphones, you'd only be hearing 2/3s of the music.) These 3 "spaces" are designed to interplay with each other...like 3 choreographed dancers each doing their own thing yet synced together equaling a bigger thing.

The Audio Technica M50 headphones (above) are what I used predominantly for listening while crafting each tune, so these particular headphones would actually be the best for the intended resonance; however, I did spend seven hours at the Scottsdale Apple Store sitting on a wooden stool making sure each tune sounded good in all the headphones they sell there. (Thanks Scottsdale Apple Store. You guys were rad!!)

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