Meowface Kelsey, Meowface Danielle, Meowface Natasha and Meowface Roxy (kittycat from video...MEOW!!)

Hey Meowfaces!

    Here on my shoulder is Meowzer, the original "Meowface." After graduating from San Diego State University with my ultra-practical BA in Music, I appropriately hopped onto a bicycle and pedaled a big circle around North America for 26 months. While traveling across Alberta, Canada, an adorable, little, pink-nosed, tuxedo kitten became my travel companion. Because he was so conversational, he earned the name "Meowzer," and I later nicknamed him "Meowface." Meowzer/Meowface and I had endless fun and enjoyed many extraordinary adventures together (mostly in the snow). He really brought out the best in me: playfulness, curiosity, lightheartedness, sociability, joyfulness and spontaneity. In other words, he brought out my inner kittycat.
     My debut album, "Meowface," is a musical adventure created to bring out your inner kittycat!!

I hope your listening-experience is as cool as my experience was transcribing it from the ether.

Meowface Melissa

Meowface Sam (me)

Meowface Philosophy

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