The MMX in its current infancy ↓


Meowface Music eXperience

🗓️Next MMX event:

Last weekend in June. 23rd, 24th, 25th. Come to the Live Oak Music Festival, and find me at 1:00 inside the kiddo's area!

The MMX (Meowface Music eXperience) is a lively, interactive, drumming workshop for all levels simultaneously: beginners, band kids, and pros. Come one, come all! Let’s learn, jam, and socialize.

- Crowd big or small. Invite me to come do my full-on MMX production at your fun event, party, festival, celebration (kiddos to adults).

- Lessons. Let's do a private or group "exploration session" (kiddos to pros). 

     - drums/percussion (All of it.)

     - theory/composition (A lot of it.)

     - album coaching

     - intonation consultant

- Performer Coach.

- Artistic Intentions Coach.

Don't not text me. Sam. seven.0.eight! Your ideas, my ideas, our ideas. Let's do it! It'll be the beginning of the rest of your life =^.^=

Kick off your text with "MMX" so I know it's you ;)

Invite me to your city. I'm takin' this thing on the road!

The MMX...


Come have fun! Be a percussionist for a day. Play drums and marimbas, and experience the magic of what musicians feel. Evoke the natural beat within. Bond with your friends and neighbors, and maybe make new friends! A two-hour, musical event! Lose yourself within the rhythm. Come away with a lasting memory!

Simple! I teach; you learn; we jam! Learning through play. Professional drummers to first-timers. Advanced percussionists, grandparents, infants. There's a spot for EVERYONE-everyone!! No one will be overwhelmed nor underwhelmed.