$100 for a

two-hour lesson.

(One hour just ain't enough.)


Music Lesson Types:

.Beginner-to-Professional Drums/Percussion.

.Orchestral Four-Mallet Keyboards.




.Orchestral Timpani.

.Beginner to Professional Composition Lessons.

."Language of Music" Lessons.

."Art of Teaching" Lessons.

.Beginner Piano Lessons. 

My students. 60% of these kiddos had never held a mallet three months before we filmed this. Very proud of what we accomplish : )

Me performing a piece I wrote.

"Passage to Parousia"

Me performing a piece I wrote.


A "street percussion" piece I was commissioned to write for an intermediate-advanced high school drumline (Written for: Snares, Tenors, Basses, Crash Cymbals, Xylo, & Glock/Bells). A street percussion piece is a 2-minute bit of music a drumline plays competitively at the end of their marching band's parade route.