Hey Meowfaces!

    Here on my shoulder is Meowzer, the original Meowface. After I graduated from San Diego State University with my super practical BA in Music, I appropriately hopped onto a bicycle and pedaled around North America for 26 months. While traveling across Alberta, Canada, an adorable little pink-nosed tuxedo kitten became my travel companion. Because he was so conversational, he earned the name Meowzer, and I later nicknamed him Meowface. Meowface and I had endless fun and enjoyed many extraordinary adventures together. He really brought out the best in me: playfulness, curiousity, lightheartedness, joyfulness and spontaneity. In other words, he brought out my inner kittycat.
     My debut album, "Meowface," is a musical adventure created to bring out your inner kittycat!!

I hope you enjoy this music as much as I did making it for you!!

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Who's in your band?"
A: This album was magically created on my laptop while burning the midnight oil,
     though in spirit, these are my "mew"sicians... =^.^=

Q: "What's up with the song titles?"
A: They're all named after the real kittycats!

Q:  Who's the kittycat in the video?
A:  This is Meowface Roxy!! Thank you so much Meowface Natasha! Roxy was purrfect!!!